My ex who told people I was still his girlfriend.

So I started seeing this guy in April 2013, we dated until June and we saw each other 3-7 times a week(yeah a lot) then he found out he had to move an hour away (military). He started distancing himself and we only saw each other once a week for July, then two times a month for August, then just once a month for September, October, November, and December. But since August every once in awhile if I started getting upset that we weren't seeing each other he'd say well it's not like we are really dating or you're not my girlfriend. So we saw each other in early December and after Christmas I met a new guy, who is great and we are head over heels for each other, my friends love him and he wants to meet my family.

My ex was texting me last night asking when I was going to come see him next. I was trying to keep it friendly, saying we could see a movie, but he kept insisting I come to his house. So finally I had to tell him via text(not how I wanted to) that I had a boyfriend. Then he started saying all this stuff about how he was still telling everyone we were dating and calling me his girlfriend. And that somehow it would work. Then he said he didn't want to say anything else because he is upset and didn't want to ruin a chance of something happening later.

I'm so confused, not about my feelings, I'm so happy with my new guy. But what the hell is my ex thinking?!


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  • I think he misses you even though a lot of time has past between you two without much contact with each other.

    Let me tell you something, sometimes guys who are distant for a while start to miss their girlfriends after a while and by that time it could be too late especially at this day and age.

    Hope this helps.

  • i think he likes you, but doesn't behave in a way that really shows you how he feels. he said you two weren't dating because it was a convenient tool to defend himself. the fact is you two were dating and he blew it. but he misses you and probably is a bit jealous that you are with someone so he is making a play now.

    honestly if you truly like the guy you are with you should just apologize to the ex and tell him that you can't continue to correspond with him in anyway beyond friendship...i think otherwise he will only be an anchor as you try to move forward with someone new


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