I told about being his side chick.

I have been seeing someone for 2 years in a mostly physical relationship. The first year I was oblivious about his girlfriend. Anyway, a few months ago I went out and drank a lot. I ended up making out w this guy and vaguely remember deciding he was not man enough, something, and informing him only ____ can fuck me right and basically being a rude slut. (I haven't drank since) long story short, turns out this guy is GREAT friends w the now ex girlfriend. ___ hasn't contacted me in three weeks, which happens from time to time. However I feel extremely guilty because I realize our relationship was supposed to be semi discreet, he is aware my friends know abd is fine. Do I tell him, this happened July.


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  • No.

    Get yourself together and stop sleeping with guys with girlfriends. He gets what he pays for by cheating and you need to stop screwing a guy with a girlfriend. He's likely really pissed, but he made his own mistake by cheating in the first place. It's likely you have feelings for him, but take this as a slap in the face that what you're doing is not helpful to yourself or anyone else.


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