This is a little to vent too. Not over her, so why are you punishing me?

Lets put it this way, your not over your ex, but she did you wrong badly and broke your heart. Your in denial about loving her still. You still date. You meet a girl that's a lot like you. Very nice and She treats you right. Also respectful and well mannered. She ignores the fact you still talk about your ex. you guys never fight she's always their for you. You have been with her for a few months you say you love her. But your starting to distance yourself. Why? You break up with her tell her you don't want to hurt her. What did she ever do to you except love you? you pretend like she doesn't even exists. Why? you were friends before..why not now. you Go back to your cheating ex. She screws you over again and your heart break is fresh. Why would you get in a relationship if you can't get over your ex? Can you love both girls? Will you ever get over her? realize the girl you left for the cheating ex was a mistake? will you regret leaving me?


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  • Hearts act according to their own logic. We can control what we do but we can't really control what we feel. And feelings are powerful forces. Surely you've experienced this yourself? It is highly regrettable that people often choose attachments over love. This does not belittle the love but it speaks to the power of attachments. Sometimes people think they are over something long before they are. It takes a strong person to patiently wait until they are fully over one person before turning to another. This is a great injustice to the second person because they become the victims of someone else's wrongdoing. There is little to be done but wait and see. If he is wise he will see you for who you are and what you offer him. If he is ever wise then he will one day regret it. If he never regrets it then he was never wise enough to make full use of your love.

    • Sadly he's got the short end of the stick when it comes to brains. :( but he's losing more and more contact.. Which I hope no contact will make him see and open his eyes up. But I really doubt it with my luck. It's already been 3 months of today since the break up.Thank you so much. I have been hurting so bad! Thank you. His loss if he isn't wise?

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    • I don't think it looks hopeful for you. You have a lot of love to give and much more besides. There are many more who are far more deserving. I only hope that they will recognize and appreciate your value!

    • Thank you! I hope they will too. I wish he would but my doubts are increasing.

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