He spend all hours of the night on his phone, could he be cheating?

A girl Tried to make it seem like he is still cheating around. If a girl say " you know how you do"..,he said " when I was single you don't you mean. He's staying on Instagram all hours of the night. He don't post pictures or anything nor do he follow people. Yes we talked about this before and it's still contuining. My picture is on his page and it's like people know he dying me but me


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  • Did you forget to finish the post? :p

    Just because he's on Instagram doesn't mean he's cheating on you. But it depends on what your definition of cheating is. Personally I don't find looking at pictures of others on social media cheating but if he was looking at exes, then I'd be slightly concerned. I mean, everyone looks at their phones now. For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and whatever else you kids do these days. :p

    You're gonna have to talk to him about it again otherwise you're just going to drive yourself nuts thinking about this. Trust is key in a relationship. If you can't trust him, then something else needs to happen. Good luck.

    • That post he made to that girl was him being sarcastic. He has a history of being a player

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  • Apparently, he has a track record of "cheating?" from what I am reading here? So naturally if this is so, you are having some mixed signals and gut feelings about things that are raising a "red flag". AND apparently, the little chat you had with him before needs to be addressed Again because you are saying it is continuing. Of course, he is "innocent until proven guilty", but tell him once more, in a diplomatic manner, to state his case and to please be honest, so you BOTH can go to bed "at any hour of the nite" knowing this has been "put to bed", no matter what the outcome.

    • He said "mane babe I love you and you know that"

    • Wow...you didn't mention THAT in your story..Okay, case dismissed...GUILTY!

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