How do you get over your ex?

I was dating this girl when I was almost 18, she was 17, but had to separate due to unfortunate circumstances. Neither of us wanted this, but really had no choice. We stayed in touch through snail mail, then stopped the conversations. I emailed her when I turned 21 she told me she found a guy and married him ( she was 20 ). This news came as a real shock to me. I got mad at her, for mostly marrying at such young age. We haven't spoken since, since she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I tried finding other girls, but they just friendzone me. Sometimes she pops up into my head, and I just get depressed, wishing I could get her back. How does one get over their ex?


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  • I know exactly how you feel! I met a guy we were both 17 we worked together actually, we broke off when he left the company we only dated 6 months. I went to contact him as he moved into my development but got angry when he didn't really have time for me. Come to find out he has a baby... :/. Now I know, it's time to move on after all these years! Like the girl said below focus on you is there something you want to do? Personally, I want to lose some weight I have been going to the gym a lot and on a diet, I also hang out with friends a lot. For the time being just think about you! Make your life better and a wonderful girl will eventually come into your life :) it will be okay!


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  • Focus on yourself - things you would like to achieve and things you like to do

    Be with friends - go to events, new places, new experiences

    Meet new people

    Be with family - spend time with those that matter most

    It will take time but those things help a lot.


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  • The first love doesn't go away easily.

    Yet, you have to tell yourself it's over.

    It was very unfair from you to get mad at her because she had gotten married. Afterall, she had stopped contact with you, she didn't lead you on.

    Some other women friendzoned you ? So what. A few hundred millions left.


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