What should I do I can't stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend?

met this girl in summer, at a bus stop lol, I know. I didn't have a phone at the time so she exchanged numbers with my buddy, I didn't think much of it but she would always txt him asking to talk to me. 2-3 weeks of this and hanging out getting to know one another we started going out. she didn't really like where she was living at the time her gma was a bitch so she came and lived with me at my gmas. I was working full time doing construction so stuff was going good, long story short my gma got tired of us living there so went to my mothers that didn't last long and me and my ex got a trailer together. I got a better job making more money at a steel fab shop.. I had a drinking problem... I lied to her alot, I never once hit her or cheated on her, (my daddy didn't raise no women beater) I was always getting in some sort of shit weather it be cops or fights noise complaints for loud music. drunken b.s, you kno?.. she stuck beside me when no one els would, believed in me when no one els would, had dinner made when I got home from work, that kinda stuff.she loved me unconditionally. I didn't stop drinking and she left me went to her gmas.. I continued drinking heavly having lost my job after my 19th birthday.. I don't kno if I can wright about drugs on here but its part of it so.. I was introduced to meth. started smoking it it did a coupe good things for me I stoped drinking, cleaned up my traier even did some work to it bla bla bla. me and her got back together I continued without her knowing I was smoking it but she found out. asked me if I wanted her or the drug I hesitated and she stormed out the room.. returned shortly after with a different question. do you wanna smoke a bowl she asked.was going good for about a week or so and before long it was like I didn't even exist to her wound up dumping me for a 46 year old drug dealer.. we were together for almost 6 years lived together for 5 of them. Current day I'm 20 she's 23. I still live in the trailer and I think about her all the time I feel so bad because I started her smoking that crap. Every single day I think about her, how much different it could have been. I loved her with all my heart and there is not a single thing I wouldn’t give to have one more chance with her.we still talk and its tearing me apart to know and see what her lifes like now. She sells drugs dosnt really have a home I don’t think and her and her boyfriend just broke up. A lot different then the girl I first met, I feel its my fault.. do you think its stupid I wanna “save her” from that life?.. I still love her just as much as I did the first time I told her I did but I gotta kno, how do I let her go…..or do I let her go? do I try to get her back?


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  • Personally, I think you should let her go. When you're alone, you tend to find out a lot more about yourself. See if you can find a hobby or some good TV shows or get involved with friends or make new ones. You could always try to find another girl but I think rebounds aren't great.


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