Is that bad that I want nothing from them?

I have been hurt a lot! Every guy in my life has done me wrong even family. My dad was never there and a compulsive liar. Same with uncles and brothers. Well I have fell head over heels for 3 guys 2 cheated. And the one I was craziest about, just led me on and had no true feelings. He just dropped me for no reason and he keeps his distance and wants nothing to do with me. When I ask him what happened he said he was afraid to hurt me because of the move, he moved just out in the country. 10 to 15 minute drive. He wants nothing to do with me but yet he's so heartbroken over his ex girlfriend from 8 months ago. Now I don't want anything to do with guys. Friends that's it. I feel that I can't trust them and I am not worthy to find a good guy because all the other ones treated me like trash..I don't want to date, I don't want any men on my life ... It's kinda scare ting me. Something wrong? Ever felt this way girls?


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  • Nope, I think you have the right idea about not dating. If you feel animosity towards all men and aren't willing to trust any of us, then you're better off staying away from us. You'll likely just hurt the men in your life until you fix your own issues.

    • That's the thing. When I am I'm a relationship I give my all. I love them like my first love. Then they always leave me. Either they love their ex or they cheat. But I treat them like a king

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    • Thank you :). That's the first time I smiled in 6 months. Thanks. I will try my best to fight it but I am sure you know it's harder then it seems. But I will try. Just got to collect my losses and patch my heart up and throw again.

    • Yep yep. =)

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  • Nothing is wrong with you,it's just bad luck in your love life

    • Thank you yes a lot of it!

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