How do you handle unresolved feelings for someone you might not see again?

I met this guy a few months ago. We got to hang out once a week for a few months. Flirting here and there.

Then before I could even get the chance to make a move or get his number, I had a fall out with a friend (nothing to do with this, another reason) and had to stop going to the place he was at because of it.

I still have unresolved feelings for him , keep thinking about him more then I should. I just really liked him and not sure why he is still on my mind after all this time.


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  • If you true had the same will see him again. Never force it.

    • Hope so. I swore I saw him on the side of the road once, while driving past.

      He lives one suburb away from me so thought there might be a slight chance of running into him but could not stop the car and get out and talk to him lol.

      Not sure if he saw me but thought that was pretty cool but frustrating at tine same time, cause I could not stop and chat to him.

      Not much else I can do now but go by your logic.

    • Good stuff.

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