I need HELP what should I do?

I don't no where to begin but over this past summer I was talking to this girl that I liked but then we stopped talking. I started talking to another girl eventually we started dating but it didn't last long and we broke up. I realize that I miss the girl that I was talking to at the begin of summer. So I was wondering what I should say to her since we haven't talked in so long. Or should just move on to someone else?


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  • Sure, if you like her, you should definitely make a move. Just start texting maybe on Facebook or whatever it is, don't just go to her house straight away, both of you will feel really awkward. It would be better to start it easily, just talk about any random things - this will help you check wether she's interested in talking to you. If she just answers your questions in one word, takes really long to answer or doesn't answer at all, back up! She most likely isn't interested in you. If your conversations are running really smoothly, start going to places with her and maybe a bunch of friends. Then, if you're still eager to get closer - make further moves. But be subtle about it, don't just go like ''Oh, would you like to be my girlfriend?''. That will probably be quite a surprise for her and she wouldn't know what to say. So give her lots of hints that you like her (don't make them too obvious, try to keep her wondering what your feelings towards her are) and make her think of you as a potential boyfriend instead of a friend. Nobody likes this place: the friendzone.

    • But what should I say to her to break the ice/ start the conversation because we haven't talked in so long, I don't want the whole situation to be awkward.

    • Just anything - ask her about work/college (I don't know what she's at) but don't go near the 'juicy' stuff. Once you get talking, the conversation will flow automatically :)

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  • Yes! You should definitely start up a conversation with her!

    • But what should I say to her to break the ice because I don't want the whole situation to be awkward.

    • You need to start it off casually since you haven't seen her in a while. Start off like "hey how are you? I haven't seen you in a while! Then just keep the conversation going. Eventually when it feels right, ask her out!

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  • Call her out of the blue and tell her that you've been thinking about her.


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