Three's company...please help me!

This guy said he loves me and I loved him, but he doesn't want a relationship even though his family loves me and said I'm good for him. We still flirt and say I love you etc. I recently met another man that is just as passionate and sweet and wants me as a girlfriend. I spend time with both men everyday (they don't know each other) and lately I feel like I'm falling for the new guy. I feel guilty because the first guy still says he loves me. Am I cheating seeing the first guy or is it not cheating because I'm not dating him. What do you think I should!


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  • the first guy said he doesn't want a relationship - you're not in one, therefore you're not cheating. However, I do think you should tell him what's going on. Tell him the other guy is offering something he's not, and that as much as you love him, you want the relationship with the guy you're getting feelings for.


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