Does the on off relationship ever stop being on and off?

Dated aguy for 2.5 years off and on..first 8 months great, after that next 6 months off and on he said he couldn't trust people, was unhappy with his life..then he was more steady for a month then pulled away or did something incondsiderate so I would get angry and ..yada give him a reason...ths went back and forth for about 8 months or so.4 weeks one 2 off or whatever...until he went off deep end..the prob isn't me..he has huge fears has nothing to offer so he says..he puts up rod blocks to moving closer..i have been with him for 2.5 years and never have I fell into that confort zone..i couldnt..if I stressed a concern, sometimes he'd be ok..others he wouldnt..there are very few withings that push buttons one is ignoring txts...when he can for sue txt back..anther is flaking out on plans. seems he use to do these hings t sabatage..why why why..otherwise one that bs stopped a year ago, we were fine..well nov we are done he says I need to find someone who has their crap together..oookk? but he will hang out in a non sexual way..the situation would make why and are look dy complaired to this. sad thing is..we are not in our 20's he is 40 I 38. I don't get it? and I don't think it is another owman..i think he would be the same with anyone..geesh can we just not continue to have fun and go with it? It is so intense and fun one min and he cuts me right off the next..he is unforgiving and takes things way to personally so he lets on..i don't get it..we may not be back together and OK with me .. I


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  • Chances are it won't stop. I think you're assessment of the situation is spot on. He will draw close and then push you away or deliberately do things to alienate you and then the cycle repeats endlessly. He is in a battle between his desires and his fears and neither is able to conquer the other. You or whoever else he happens to be with will forever be caught in the crossfire. The next time he pushes you away, I would recommend staying away.

    • Thank you you are I am just tryig to decide if I should just stay a friend but I am thinking is hard and I always have a higher agenda..

    • Are you living together? That definitely complicate matters.

    • no we were not living together.

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