Help! Think I've fallen for him!

So me and this family friend of mine have been texting for the last 4 years. We're both very intimate with each other & we both have argued a lot. He gets jealous when I hang out with guys (which 95% of the time starts an argument) after these four years we've only just slept with each other in which he kept kissing my forehead during sex. Over text he's a bit iffy but in person we get along great. We've both stated for reasons of our own were both don't want a relationship yet. As I'm travelling this year & he's just got back from being deployed to afghan for 6 months. In all our time together I've only just come to realisation I think I'm in love with him. So many times during the years I've tried to move on from him but as soon as we see each other it starts all over again.

How can I tell if he only finds me sexually attractive or actually likes me? My mums always said he's had a soft spot for me! Please help so confused!


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  • 4 years of being "intimate" whether verbally or texting. He's jealous about other guys. 4 years and you just slept together.

    He actually likes you.

    If all he wanted from you is sex you would have known a long time ago.

  • Well he DOES always come back for you...I'd say he has something for you as well.


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