Do you believe that VOODOO or OBEAH exists?

This is really weird but after thinking it through I think someone worked their simidimi on us. Or probably I'm just paranoid?

So my boyfriend (at the time) and I went for breakfast to meet his friend (A). A brought B along (she claimed that she ddnt want to feel weird etc etc which is understandable) B. which is A's friend liked my boyfriend and during breakfast she wouldn't stop obsessing over him.

After the breakfast we went along on our merry ways, but after that day nothing was the same. He lost his wallet and then a few days later she returned it. (which was a little weird) because we're (my boyfriend and i) sure he left with it, but we could probably be mistaken.

After she gave it to him, he started acting really strange. He stopped calling me and replying to messages etc etc. (over a time period) He invited me to his mother's birthday dinner, and then he didn't come pick me up. I called him, he ddnt answer but shortly later I receive a text stating that he was in the dinner and he couldn't answer because "people would ask him who he was speaking to". Even more weird because I met his parents already, they know about me.

He started wearing gifts that his ex gave him. Nothing wrong with that except he hates his ex.

He told me of instances where she bought stuff for him.

He started taking back all the things that he gave me (gifts, clothes etc) I usually take all his jackets, vest and such and wear them. He came and took them back.

He suddenly had no time for me. I told him about it and he didn't seem to know what I was talking about. SO I ended the relationship (after about 3 weeks of bad treatment, little to no communication etc)

About a month before he told me that he was in love with me.

A day or two after the relationship ended, I see the same girl (who was weirdly obsessed with him) kissing his cheek. I was so confused. I just stared right at him and he back and me. I was walking closer to him and she came in between us.

He told me that he doesn't like her and he doesn't know what comes over him. Everytime I speak to him he keeps bringing up things in the past.

Is this weird. Or normal behaviour?


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  • This is definitely eyebrow you believe in voodoo and other spiritual manipulative arts like that?


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  • No, it's just superstition/psychology. There is no clear evidence that it is real.


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  • What makes you suspect voodoo? Of all things?

    I mean if it really is Voodoo, I am friends with a Houngan, I can get him to talk to you. He charges money for spiritual services but advice is free. But I don't know why you're even thinking it's voodoo? Did I miss something?

    I mean, there are a lot of magical trends in the world. Is his ex Haitian or something?


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