I can't stay mad at him, I forgive him every single time?

i can't stay mad at my ex nor can I go a certain amount of time being mad at him. I always find myself forgiving him. he put me through so much and we even been through so much together these past 6 in a half years. we working on getting back together. there are things he done that should have not even been forgiven, such as him moving a girl in his house while we were not together because I moved out of state.


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  • You have to put yourself first, and don't tolerate anyone who doesn't appreciate you.

    Even if he says he's sorry, if his actions don't show it and the bad behavior doesn't change, that means he doesn't really respect you and is just taking advantage of you.

    • i mean he's changing but its minor issues like "he play pranks on me" or he pretends he talking to a girl because he likes to see me mad...no big issues except for the one I named...i even tried to think of something to cry about lol

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    • i use to do all of this to him lol I hated it

    • I dealt with all those things too in my last relationship, from the guy and from myself, lol believe me, I know those games are very easy to fall into. But it takes a lot of wisdom and maturity to stop messing around and realize that causing your own problems is a surefire way to make your relationship not last.

  • you just love him :S love makes us forgive people no matter what they did :S , there is nothing you can really do about it but to go with the flow and see what will happen in the coming years


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