What should I do if my girlfriend doesn't listen to me?

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 8 months now and it seems like she never listens to me. She was working for a friend as his secretary (mainly setting appointments and phone calls but also scanning documents). She could work from home about half of the time but for around 2 weeks she didn't go in no matter how often I suggested it. She kept saying "it'll be fine" and "they won't fire me, they don't want to do this themselves". Well (surprisingly) she was fired not too long after that and she was shocked.

When we met she was living with her aunt. I had a bit of surgery and she decided to stay with me for a few days. After a week or so I suggested she go home because her aunt did not want her to use her house for "storage" (more or less just keeping her things there while never being home) but my girlfriend assured me everything is going to be fine. She goes back "home" for one day and came right back the next day and stayed 2 more weeks at which point she gets a call requesting that she take all of her belongings from her aunts house to her "new place".

Those are the bigger examples I have but there are many more, I've expressed to her how I constantly feel disrespected and ignored and she just keeps apologizing. I'm sure I know what I need to do but I'm just looking for any advice.


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  • It sounds like its not you, which could be for a few reasons. Sounds like she's oblivious to everyone


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