I like this girl that moved away for the semester, is sending her a gift cute or weird?

Ok, there is this girl that I have known for a long time but never really talked to. We are in the same major and we were in all the same classes this past semester. We started talking a lot. She would ask me for help a lot, she laughs at a lot of what I say, even if I am not necessarily making a joke. She said how much she enjoys working in class because I make it so funny. She is a pretty shy person, but I took her to my formal. We had fun there, and we started talking a lot more after that. She asked me to a date party for her sorority, but we ended up not being able to go.

We have gone to a couple movies together, one of which was just me and her. We went to the midnight premier of The Hobbit and there was a Godzilla trailer before the movie and I am a huge Godzilla fan and I was talking about how excited I was for it. When the trailer ended and the release date was shown she said “Oh cool, we’ll be back together then!” The main reason why I didn’t really pursue anything last semester was because she was moving away this semester for an internship out of town. Since she moved there she has been texting me a lot (I’m assuming because she’s bored and lonely there). She has shown off my drawings to her parents (she told me) and I am doing a design for her Dad. Also, a lot of people in our class talk about how we are cute together and have commented on it in front of her a lot, so other people think we would be a good couple.

When we were in class together we got into a smirnoff ice war with the class, and I wanted to be kinda funny and cute and send her a smirnoff ice through fedex to her apartment this semester, but I found out that is illegal, who knew? Haha Anyway, I asked her for her address before I found out I couldn’t do that, she gave it to me. And I said that she should expect care packages (I was more meaning the ice, but she didn’t know) and she just said “ha you don’t have to get me anything”. But I am seriously contemplating just getting her something and sending it to her through amazon. She really really likes rabbits, so I was thinking a stuffed bunny and she is also reading the Game of Thrones series (she’s been texting me a bunch about them as she reads them) and I was thinking of getting a Funko Pop Daenerys vinyl character, because she loves Danny in the books and show. Her birthday is next month and so is Valentine’s Day, but I think the Valentine’s Day may be a bit too heavy handed if I send it to her then.

Girls, would you like something like that? Would you think it was weird if a friend sent that to you? Because I don’t know if she thinks of me as more than a friend or not. Would you not know what to do if someone sent that? Or would you think it was cute?


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  • YES... that's really cute, if she doesn't like that you send her a sweet gift, she's the wrong girl ;)


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  • I'm no girl, but considering how you guys are with each other, she would probably love it. I can't imagine why she wouldn't.

    If, however, you were some random stranger or a guy she hardly knew, then it may be considered creepy.


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