Should I agree to take a break?

We've been together like 3 years now and we always get into it and he said that he wanted a break. I told him that I wasn't going to put my heart out there and wait for him to say I'm ready or that he didn't want to be with me anymore. My heart is fragile and he knows it. Then he continued to scream that I don't respect him or how he feels and I kept explaining its about how I don't want my heart broken and he won't listen. And he wants to go to a different state with his family to take his break. So should I just go along with it or should I stick to my no and risk a break up anyway?
When I said okay I'll take the break he said that he was just going though some issues that he needed to work out and apologized for taking it out on me. Thank you all so much for the responses they really helped!


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  • My advice is, he is TELLING YOU, even SCREAMING IT OUT, "He wants a break from you and your relationship!" He obviously has had some mixed feelings(even most likely giving you "mixed signals"), after being in a long term relationship with you, so you need to understand, although it hurts your poor 'heart broken heart", that he is asking for some time, much needed space, and has probably been feeling "smothered". If he is "running away" even to a "different state" with his family and wants to go with them to "take his break", then allow him his time and space to think things out, find out what he wants to do next, where he wants to go in his life at that point in time with himself---and with you, sweetie. Don't make him feel like he is in a pressure cooker, because you will end up pushing him even "further away" than he already is, and may never hear from him, or even for a very long time... Respect his wishes, and might I add, while he is "taking his break," take some time of your own to do some serious soul searching. They say "absence makes the heart grow founder,' so with this being said, you will both find out how true this is. It is, however, up to you if you want to wait for him to "decide' or contact you or just anything at this point. But the way I look at it, you both have 3 years invested in this relationship, so let the "test of time" come---or go.

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    • Thank you so much best advise I have gotten since I joined :)

    • Thanks, sweetie! Glad to have helped. :))

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  • He sounds like a terrible person, I'd say you should break up but since I'm guessing you still have feelings for this douche, you should agree to the break and accept date requests from other guys.


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  • You both need to listen to each other. You already know what the right answer is. He needs time away from the relationship, and you need certainty on where you're at with the relationship. You don't want to be in relationship limbo. The only answer that will give you both what you need, is to break up completely. That may hurt both of you as you don't seem ready to fully cut the strings, but it's the only way you'll both get what you need.

  • U shouldn't have to ask...really dear you can't keep someone who doesn't wann be kept...let him go right now, if you don't he'll end up resenting you..or worse.. Sometimes breaks are all that bad you know..


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