How to understand if we are together or not?

So there is this boy. We met in the summer. He is in France now and we've been writing ever since. We met again during the holidays. we went of a couple of dates and one day he came at my apartment we talked, played card (everything that friends do) and the me watched a movie, cuddled a bit and he kissed me, then he slept together. ( I knew that he was interested in me, he started chatting with me after the summer). Now he is back in France and I don't know if we are together or not... IS it a good idea to ask him about our relation or it would be strange?


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  • I think it would benefit you to ask about where the two of you stand. But please know, just because the two of you slept together, it doesn't necessarily mean the two of you are..."together". That's precisely why the two of you need to have a talk and figure out what you're doing. Good luck.


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