Hooked up with an ex, now what?

The night before last my friend had a get together at her house. It was about 15 people and everyone was drinking and it was fun. My ex was there, and we are friendly but hadn't hooked up in a long time. I wanted to, mostly because I was lonely, so I was making conversation and it was good. Anyway we end up hooking up and he spends the night even though he was supposed to leave with his friends. We were super cuddly, affectionate and it was fun. The morning after wasn't awkward at all, and when I left we hugged goodbye. Now I don't know what to do though. I don't want to restart what we had before, because we aren't good for eachother. It was just nice being with someone familiar. I don't want to initiate a relationship exactly, but I don't want to not talk at all. It's kind of awkward to spend a whole night together and then not talk whatsoever. I want to be friendly still. What should I do?


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  • Friends with benefits is what it kinda seems like but you guys can always be good friends staying close and being there for him is what you should do don't be friends with benefits because soon those could lead back to feelings or someone getting hurt in the end so follow your heart and remain as a close friend to him because even if your over him there's no telling how he feels about you he could still hold feelings for you


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