Should I believe my boyfriend or his ex in this drama? Please help

well I been living with my boyfriend for a year now. this whole entire year I been dealing with his ex because of drama. he said she's psycho, she's obsessed and they only had sex one time and that was it. he said they were f*ck buddies. he always say "im gone file a order against her" I'm gone do this and I'm gone do that, but he never falls through. the ex girlfriend claims they be talking on the phone. but it seems as though when its around me, its nothing but drama. he throws the phone to me and she even know I'm there. so I told him if he don't get rid of her, then I will leave. so he write the ex friend and tried to get her to explain his ex girlfriend to leave him alone. she told him about the last guy she had, and that she did this to him and other things were said also. but my boyfriend knew about her past and everything. it seemed as though it was a lie. he always make threats to her but never follow through with it. he lied like he blocked her phone number, he won't get rid of her. she always text from different numbers on an app, but I knew it was strange because he would always respond to it. she don't text from her original number. well today she texted my phone telling me everything from a-z. . she even told me he called my mom a h*e and that she need to stop having kids. she know my mom is pregnant. she knew about the infection I had. she knew about the fake ring he bought me. she knew my mom name. she knew about me deploying. she knew it was canceled. I mean she knew everything. she knew that I spend money on him. she know about the chain I bought from him. she knew everything. I mean if they did not talk, how can she know about my mom name? she even know my mom is pregnant again. she told me about the other girl and about him cheating on me, and why he quit talking to the other girl. my boyfriend told me she's crazy and a stalker. he use this same excuse all the time. when I threatened to leave, I think that's why he kept throwing lies across the phone . I went to the police station to look for the order of protection, they said it was one never filed. my boyfriend told me they forgot to file the order of protection and that they are playing with him because he need witnesses. they argue through text messages everyday. I didn't understand why he didn't have them in his phone at the time. I was the one who persuaded him to go file an order because he claim she was harassing him. she even knew my phone number., she said he gave it to her.


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  • It doesn't seem like either one of them is trustworthy. I'm not sure I would believe anything either one said about the other. Whether she is a psycho or not, she has made your life hell for much too long and your boyfriend has done nothing but make worthless promises about resolving this. You might want to consider moving out if that is a financial option. He tells her too much about you to be dependable. If you can't afford to move out, perhaps you could stay with someone else temporarily and tell him that you won't return until he's filed a restraining order. When he says he has, confirm it with the police again. If he lied to again, I would end it. If he does file it, you can tell him that you will report any contact they have with the police to ensure that no more contact happens. That should end the problem.

    • he been saying for a year he's gonna file a report, he never did

    • I don't think he's over her. Whatever is going on between them, she has too much power over him. What's most important is that she has more influence on him than you do.

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