How to move on from an unrequited crush?

I've been in love with this guy for 18 months now and no signs of stopping there. I told him a couple months ago and he rejected me, I've been in a slump ever since. I want to move on, but I can't help it. Whenever he's not around, I feel empty, but I try not to contact him more than necessary, which is talking at school every other day and sending a text once every few weeks (does feeling like this make me clingy and desperate by the way?).

And when I do see him, these are the only times when my heart actually flares up and I feel anything at all. I can't study, actively pursue my hobbies, let alone date any other guys (I may be blind to any who are interested but as I see it now, not even one is interested in me).

How do I move on then? I see him everyday at school, can't just avoid him.


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  • I know you don't want to read this, but it's time to move on. There is nothing that will make you get him.

    Stop talking to him, stop texting him, even if it's rarely. You're wasting your time with him.

    I know it's hard, absolutely but no contact will help you getting over him.

    He didn't like you ? That's life. Move on.

    • "You wanna know how to bake a cake? Well, bake a cake". That's how I see this kind of answer. I would really LOVE to move on and I tried not contacting him for nearly 3 weeks straight when there was no school, but the moment we came back I was like "fuck, it's starting all over again". Even though we didn't talk at all.

    • I perfectly know how my answer looks like. And you're not the only person to have ever felt how you feel. But you have to understand that sometimes, you don't get what you wish for.

      You're not that weak, so be a grown up, understand it won't happen, and move on. What else to be said ? You have vented about it, good. Now cry it over, get some sleep, and stick to the fact nothing will happen. It's just like that, sorry.

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