Why does this girl take so long to respond?

There's this girl I like, we met once about a month ago and we've been talking since but haven't had a chance to hangout because of exams and being in different cities for break. Whenever we text she seems interested but it's hard to tell. But when I saw her for new years she definitely seemed interested. We made out for a while and she was the one to initiate it. When we text she normally responds within an hour. Sometimes when I say we should hangout when she's back in town she responds pretty quickly and enthusiastically. But sometimes I say that we should hang out when she's back in town after break, she takes forever to respond. And I don't know if it's just because she doesn't want to seem too eager but it makes me feel like I'm just wasting my time talking to her and trying to hangout with her. What are your thoughts?


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  • I think she's playing hard to get...that's a girl thing haha :p

  • Shes busy duh


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