Has your partner's sexting leading to more?

Anyone out there who had a partner who sexted someone and you found out but gave that person another chance. But then the sexting led to a more (i.e.-physical cheating). If so, please share!


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  • If he lives with you it should be kinda easy to find out if he physically cheating on you but I wouldn't jump into accusations I would remain positive I think you should remain positive and as long as he's not communicating with that women again that's all that matters and sexting well I think he just sexted her I don't think he cheated on you especially if he's spending more time with you but I don't think he cheated and ik what he did was wrong but at least he didn't cheat he was just saying stuff witch in that case is kinda forgiving you need to ask him why he did this and communicate with him on why he did it when he has you and is dating you


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