Break it off now, or wait to see how things progress.

I just started dating a girl last week, and I slept with her last night. I feel like this is not going to be the person I will marry. I like her and everything... I just don't think it's going to be long term. If I am to break off it right now, it's going to be really cold, like a used her for sex. Maybe I should continue seeing her a little while longer?

We never discussed what kind of relationship each other was looking for as well.


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  • Hi.

    If you break it off now it she will feel like you used her for sex and she will also wonder if she did something wrong.

    Having said that being in a relationship that you know is not going to work is only going to make you misserable and give her false hopes.

    My advice and its only advice, is to talk to her and ask her what she is looking for in a relationship and talk about it, then say to her that what she is looking for is not what your looking for or even if your ready for a relationship.

    Be honest with her, re assure her its not her,( if it's not) but better to sort it now than lead her on because if she falls for you, it's going to hurt more.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best.


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  • But didn't you think of that before you had sex with her? Most people know before sex honestly what they want? Guys who do this, no matter how they act in the aftermath, will also be a douche bag who used a girl for sex. Own it.

    • ^own it. Love that.

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    • I did not know before hand... Not sure where you got that idea. There were no "intentions". You're acting like I was my plan to sleep with her and dump her. You're reading into things that were never there. Very bizarre that you're saying she is better off, when you know nothing about either of us. I think you have some unresolved issues that you're bringing to something that has nothing to do with you.

    • Again, at not point did I say I lied to get sex. I'm not sure what you're reading, but it certainly isn't my post. I am not a liar.

  • Why are you having sex with someone so soon? Maybe get to know someone better i.e.-to know if you truly really like her before having sex? And how can you know if you will end up marrying someone within a week of dating ? If you don't like her enough to put a ring on it, maybe you shouldn't be having sex with her either.

  • The way that I see it seems like you didn't enjoy sex with her may you don't have chemistry or something. if it is only this and you like her like a person I think you should give her a chance I don't think you can say a lot only from one night that you spent together, otherwise better to distance yourself. you are adults somebody will hurt anyway better now that you guys have nothing than after a month.


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