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I'm currently visiting my family overseas and won't be back to my city ( la ) for 5 weeks starting tomorrow. I decided this is a great opportunity to really focus and come back better than ever, I slacked off and have gained a few pounds during the holiday season but I want to look the absolute best I can look when I go back , I work in the entertainment industry and this is heavily based on my looks so I would love to come back looking the best I can so I can easily book work and also I will be seeing my boyfriend for the first time in 2 months and really want to make that a great night ;) we missed Christmas and will miss Valentine's day together because of this trip and I can't wait to see him , vasically idealy I would like a routine which will help me be the fittest I can be but overall best, including teeth lips skin hair everything , what is the best diet and workout to go on to improve body in reals ticket small already maybe 115 but want to tone up and have a nice butt and flat stomach


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  • Alright, let's set you up with a killer plan! A little background on me: I'm a personal trainer that specializes in weight loss and bodybuilding. Fitness is my life and I love helping people meet their goals. If you ever need any assistance, PM me and I'll help ya out.

    First: Count them calories. How many calories should you eat a day? That's simple. Lookup an online calorie calculator, my favorite one is this one: link

    Fill that out, and it will tell you how many calories a day to eat to meet your goal.

    Second: Cardio, cardio, cardio. There are tons of quick, 30 min cardio workouts all over YouTube that you can lookup. Do one everyday, preferably on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. (Coffee or morning tea is fine though). If you need help finding a good one, PM me.

    That's it. You'll shed pounds quickly with those two steps. People LOVE to overcomplicate weight loss, but I've been doing this for years and have always seen amazing results. Best of luck and PM me if you need any advice about fitness.

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  • The best diet would be nothing in a box. Everything fresh with minimal cooking to retain more nutrients for your body and skin. Just do weight resistance exercises and eat right and it will come off. You should try swishing coconut oil in your mouth for twenty minutes everyday. It does wonders for dental health. Also juicing gives people a healthy glow to their skin and helps with weight loss and keeping it off. You should really look into it.

  • Cook all your own food. Cut out sugary drinks and fried foods. Do not eat anything processed. Grilled chicken breast and lean beef are your best friends. Balance your carbs, protein, and fat accordingly. You can google that.

    LIFT, and lift heavy. You want a butt? Scoot over to the leg press and squat rack and move your way up to as heavy as you can to build muscle. This applies to all other areas of the body, too. Chest, arms, back, legs, etc. Work hard and you'll see great improvement. Good luck!

    • You gave great advice to build muscle! However, if she's trying to get lean, it is best to stay in the "light weight, more reps" range.

    • No, she is right. Lift HEAVY. Have you seen women who lift heavy? WOW! Lean and gorgeous. Stay away from low weight and high reps. It's a waste of time and energy.

    • Thank you, bubbie. If you're going to lift, go hard. There is no other way to get that Kim K butt.

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