Will this ever turn into being in love?

My current guy was divorced recently, his ex was a bitch and made him look like he had no say or balls in the eyes of his friends. He's not even the wimpy push over type so I find this hard to imagine, my issue is... that because of all he's been through he's having a hard time letting this be called a relationship (even though were exclusive and have been dating for 7 months) and doesn't want half of his friends to even know how much he likes me or that this is something real because they think it's a bad idea for him to be in a relationship because he has been in two 5 year long relationships.. The thing is, I'm honestly perfect for him, the girl he wishes he met years ago instead of his ex (he's told me this)... and I am wondering if he will ever be openly serious about being in a relationship with me?


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  • You're worrying too much. There will come a time when he'd want to get serious with you especially if you're the perfect girl for him. Just give him time.. it's not easy to rebuild your self-esteem after being undermined for so long. He doesn't want liking you to be perceived as a weakness on his part, especially since he had just gotten out of an abusive relationship.

    • very wise, I guess it's that it just stings a litter that he just asked to to go away with him for a long weekend in 3 months.. but told me that he's telling no one other than his dad (not his bro or mom) he's lying to them & telling them he'll be away with a guy friend. I just don't like being kept a secret.. he booked this trip over a year ago & was going to go w/his ex.. It sort of takes away from it a little.. but I'm happy to be with him & I have to assume it wasn't easy for him to invite me

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