We broke up... How am I supposed to act now?

I was in a relationship with him for almost two years, known him for three years, we were engaged for like five months, and I broke it off with him because... well, here's a link to his pros and cons and I think you'll get an idea of why I left... link

So anyways, I left him. and I didn't talk to him for about three weeks, and for the first week he constantly texted me in the morning and at night, but I never responded. I was afraid that if I did I would be leading him on and I didn't want him to think there was still a chance of us getting back together. today I texted him and asked him to mail a pair of my extra car keys and one of my dvd sets that I left with him, and it got us into a conversation. anyways, we decided to stay friends and we've been texting on and off today. What is worrying me is that he is showing signs that he still wants to be with me. he even told me he would wait for me so that we could start over in a few years. I have told him over and over that I just want to be friends. am I doing the wrong thing by even talking to him? I really don't want to lead him on but I don't want to be mean to him either. but if being mean spares him heartbreak then I will. I just want to know how I should handle this. and for all those wondering, I have no intention of getting back together with him. so I'm fine with doing anything I need to. I don't have to have him as a friend, I just thought it would be nice if it ended on good terms. but I am in no way romantically connected to him any more.
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  • I've always believed talking is much better than not talking, as long as you're communicating clearly. Being open and direct is much more confrontational for him than not talking to you at all and, unless he's obsessive, will help him much more in moving on.

    As I said though, you need to be clear. It's normal for him to still have feelings and to have a desire to act on them, but it's a far stronger signal to say something about it than to ignore it.


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  • depends on how you want to come off as. If you want to stop having feelings for him then try and not to talk to him.

  • It'll be easier for both of you if you just move on. Give each other a lot of space and then perhaps you guys can be friends.


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