Why am feeling this, like we're together but we are not?

may sound weird but this one guy,we study tpgether,I feel like there is something about us that draws us to one another.

he stares , sometimes we make eye contact and it feels so,

so intense everytime-like I can't stop,srsly physical unable, to stop staring back.

it's like we are sharing some kind of "relationship" but not oficial.

latelly I noticed his friends looking at me,pointing at me when they see me so the guy can see me too...you know, this kind of things.

so my question: what is this feelng, why it feels like this ?

(I just try to understand myself, because I wouldn't say that I particularly like him.)


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  • The two of you are interested in each other. You can either explore this, or leave it alone. Obviously, you have some interest in exploring it if you're asking this question. Good luck.


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