Ex boyfriend has feelings but wants to remain friends?

Long story short we dated for 6months and the relationship was fun. Probably the most fun I had with a guy. I lived 2hours away and basically he ended it because of the long distance "I'd rather not have you at all then feel as shitty as I do when you leave" he did this before I told him I moving back to the area that he lives in. I told him and since then he texted me every single day. I finally moved back (a month later) and he stops texting me every day. We hung out a few times together with a group of friends or by ourselves. He flirts with me gives me a lot of mix signals. I asked if he still has feelings and he clearly states he does, "but things aren't the same anymore and I think we're better off as friends!" I need to accept this, I'm just frustrated as to if we both have feelings why not try to attempt it again. It feels like a "wrong timing thing" I should mention that he has difficulty letting people get close and I was the first in five years to get close to him. Can I get some opinions about this please and thank you ?


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  • That's called a boot call setup. Don't fall for it unless that is what you need from him.

    It say a little bit of his character "you're not convenient full time, but hold on when I am ready". Look out for no one but no.1

    • Excellent response. Couldn't have said it better.

    • *booty call

      *it says a lot about his character.

      proof reading should be a must.

      Thank you, Girl100

What Girls Said 1

  • He has told you "things aren't the same anymore and I think we're better off as friends"... that's a nice way of saying 'this relationship is not ever going to happen.' It could mean so many other things too. Basically, he's ending it and has demoted you to a buddy... but before I can give more I need details. Cpl questions: How is the sex with this guy, if any? Or did you both stop having sex? Who initiates the sex?


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