Looking for that Valentine?

ok.. hoo should make the first move when your looking for your Valentine?

is tradition outdated?

should the ladies go after what they want? or should she sit back and wait for him to make all the moves?

should she go after the man she wants and make it clear to him, then let him respond to her? what's your plan for your Valentine..

really.. you meen people don't udjust socially to the generation dating rules as a single person..?

does that mean as I have adjusted and appreciate the female who has also, and find the one who hasnt, well it just doesn't seem 50/50 or 60/40 even. but then that's just my thought.

it seems like high school if we don't adjust maybe, again my thought


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  • Well I am 43 and my generation was that the man made the first move. I have never made the first move, nor do I think I could. So I think generation has everything to do with this answer. The younger generation girls are more likely to go after what they want.


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