He suddenly finished me out of the blue.

I was only with my boyfriend for three months. I've known him ten years and he's always had a thing for me. I decided to give it a go with him after getting back in contact. When he got with me he'd only been split up From his ex a month before...things were going well we did have two arguments..on Mon I got really hot headed over nothing, I was texting him and sounded like I wanted to split with him, however he turned it round and ended up splitting with me. I really don't want it to end. He said his feelings changed two weeks before when I said I didn't trust him. I was drunk and I don't remember. Does it sound like it's really over. Should I leave him be. I really want him back


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  • You should never ever tell someone you don't trust them ... UNLESS you dont! Remember drunk talk can be your most honest talk at times. Id apologize and see what happens ... don't push him but let him cool off for a time.


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