Do you tell your parents everything?

Do you guys and girls tell your mom or dad everything going on about your boyfriend or girlfriend?. Lets say you breakup & had a fight do you tell them that?. I heard most people don't want to talk about their relationship with parents especially if there are problems. I'm very close with my mom & we talk about everything & sex.etc. I'm a virgin so it doesn't matter. But in the past I really loved my ex boyfriend and we were having problems during the breakup and there was confusion. I wasn't fair but neither was he. So yea he was acting disrespectful and ignoring me a lot when I tried working things out. So everytime I tried to move on he was either playing me or really missed me and wanted me back. My parents were so angry and they didn't want me to date him again,etc because he will hurt me again. But now I feel like they are trying to control me because couples have fights but don't want to give up. it should be up to you when to give up and not parents right?. So now from learning how much hard time they gave me too from worrying too much I'm not going to share so many details with them anymore not even mom. What if me & my future boyfriend are going through a hard time? they will judge me and say breakup with him for good,move on,etc, don't get back with him and you want too . that's not fair. I'm 25 years old. yes I live with them but trust me I felt like running from home a lot before from the stress. they saw the pain I was in. They could have said its up to you what you decide. would you tell your mom everything?lol.

thank you all in advance.
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Do you tell your parents everything?
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