Should I even reply to this fool?

My ex and I broke up last February and it was bad and we never confirmed to be friends but were civil when he worked with me. After he left the job he would send me texts seeing how I was doing and everything. I never responded because being with him, I knew that once I start talking to him he won't stop contacting me and soon would want to talk on the phone and FaceTime and that is crossing boundaries to me as I have a boyfriend (my ex knew I had one as well and know who he is since we all worked together). They have a mutual hate for each other because my ex knew I liked my boyfriend at the time that he wanted to go out with me and would question me constantly about my feelings for my now boyfriend. After not responding, he stop contacting me.

Well now three days ago, he messaged me on Facebook saying he was thinking about me and wanted to know how I was doing. I looked at it but didn't respond because I don't want to get involved with the guy; I have another ex with the same tendencies and ignoring the messages seem to fend him off. The next day he messaged me in the morning with attitude because I didn't reply (he saw that I read his message), again I didn't respond and I thought he would get a clue. Yesterday, he messaged me yet again asking why I can't talk to him and that he means no harm...I have yet to even check the message on the website.

I know not every guy is the same but from experience, when I reply they automatically think we're cool and can talk on the phone and do what we use to do when we were dating. Even being civil with him while at work was a pain because he's a huge egoist and is super dramatic yet would ignore me like we use to do before being civil. I can't trust the guy because I don't want to go back to that awful relationship or anything close to a relationship with the guy. However, if I don't respond (and this is another experience as well) he will keep contacting me until HE gets tired.

My boyfriend already knows that he's messaging me and he didn't seem concerned at all but I'm freaking out about it. So should I just respond with short, quick replies or should I keep ignoring this guy?


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