Should I try to move on?

This guy I like is playing hot and cold :( Some days he talks to me, and I love it, and then other times he completely ingores my texts. I don't even text a lot anymore. I don't know what to do :( I really really like this guy


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  • It'll hurt to let go but the wound will heal back.

    There was a girl I liked that really doesn't give that much response to how much I show how I care for her. So I told her we need to be friends after I gave her a crystal necklace.

    If he's not willing to talk to you, look for another that'll give you a response in a minute. Remember it's a big world and we aren't gonna the next day with regrets.


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  • We like your attention, but too much can be too much sometimes. You have to remain busy. Even if you're not busy, pretend like you are.

    The other option is just to tell him you like him. I realize you don't want to come off as clingy or whatever, but trust me, we like hearing it. He probably likes you back and is just waiting for you to tell him first

    • You guys say you like to hear that we like you but when we do you all run like scared pups, as if we jus committed a crime or got pregnant. I have a similar situation.almost exactly and the guy knows I like him and I'm not clingy, however I never hear from him.

      I guess I'm jus bad with the approach and I could be wrong in my opinion it jus really sucks relationships habe to be so difficult

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  • two options ask him what's going on or keep it moving.

    maybe work school sports family issues ask how you can help.

    if he's not clear keep it moving you deserve to be treated well not like the last person he calls when bored.


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