Screwed up getting my exgf back. How to fix this?

I broke up with her because she accused me of cheating but I also told her I want to stay friends.

We didn't contact each other for almost 2 months because she still hurts when talking to me and still love me.

Last week I started to approach her and she seemed to be doing great. She's more beautiful now and more cheerful I realized that I still want her.

So we've been talking everyday and I really think we're getting back together but one day her friend interrupted our conversation and told her she saw me dating her other friend. Her friend and I always have dinner because our apartments are close.

She was very upset. She is ignoring me now and cut off all communications. She told me she feels like I cheated on her again and doesn't want to talk to me anymore. :(
I'm a guy by the way didn't bother to check the account gender lol


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  • Well to things. I take it that you did not cheat, so obviously this chick has some issues. If it is a problem at the moment this might as well be a problem in the future.

    Well you have to let her cool down for a week or two at least. Then try again. But ask yourself if she is really worth it.

    • Well she apologized earlier said it was due to her PMS and that she shouldn't have acted that way but I did not replied to her message.

  • You can't. Stop trying.


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