Is he being sketchy or am I just paranoid?

I have a new boyfriend, we've only started dating a few days before Thanksgiving Day. He is almost everything that I (figuratively) had on my checklist for the perfect man; He is family oriented, loves children, is respectable, a real gentleman, makes me laugh and makes me feel cared for. However, he is starting to make me a little suspicious. We only see each other on Saturday night, into Sunday morning (he sleeps at my house). We text every day but sometimes he won't text me back for a few hours. I don't know anything about what he does when we are not together and for some reason he prefers seeing me on Saturday. He talks about seeing each other more that once a week but whenever I ask him to see me any other day, like Friday for example, he has an excuse. He is currently not working but supposedly interviewing for jobs. I have yet to meet any of his friends or family but he says I will soon. He has already met my mom and most of my friends. On more than one occasion he has flaked on our plans at last minute. One night, he was supposed to be at my place at 10:30 pm (on a Friday) and at 10 pm he texted me to say he didn't feel well and felt "more comfortable" coming over on Saturday instead. That same situation has happened a few times to the point where I am not even sure he's actually going to show up when he says he will. I have been cheated on before and maybe I do get a little paranoid at times but how do I find out why he won't see me more often? I just think it is weird behavior to not text me back for hours on end and only see me once a week. I get a bad feeling that he may be spending his time with someone else. When we are out in public together, he is attentive and he seems to be proud to be with me, but when we are home all he wants to do is have me lay next to him while he watches football. So is he cheating or am I worrying for no reason? What do I do?


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  • A guy with an odd schedule is very likely already with someone else, and may well be married..I don't thinkit's paranoid to wonder what is going on here. Something bad definitely IS going on...

  • hes playing you. its on you if you allowed him to fuck .


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