I pissed him off, help?

My ex and me were planning on getting back together but he stopped talking to me as much.

I questioned this a few times and today he texted with "Just relax :/ please don't continually push the issue as this is the only thing that pisses me off! Your life shouldn't revolve around me".

Then one of his friends who is a girl posted on his FB later saying "don't let those b*****s get to you and drag you down. I got your back hun" I don't know if this was about me!

Help me fix this please!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think it was directed at you.

    Firstly don't worry about that other girl, the issue is between you and your ex.

    Secondly, live your life, have fun, meet new people and go out. As soon as he see's that you are having fun without him and it seems like you have forgotten about him, I guarantee you will get a text or even a call to see how you are doing. At this point you may be completely over him and you may be dating someone new who you get on with better. If you're not and you do want to get back with your ex, keep the conversation short and direct, DON'T get over excited when he calls or texts. When he arranges a meet, act a little busy but do suggest a date. Say something along the lines of' I cant' Saturday, I have plans this weekend, how about mid week?'Don't jump when he says jump, keep the ball on you court!

    DON'T do anything now, you will look more possessive and he will get even more fed up, ignore him and the situation. Give it time, guys hate being ignored and we realize when we are being ignored.


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like it was most likely directed to you :\ don't push him, if he's asking for space/time, respect his wishes and ease off for now. Let things flow naturally. The more you try to pull him back to you the more it's going to push him away.

    Just relax and good luck :)


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