I need a guy's perspective. Should I just move on?

There's this guy I was talking to more and more last semester and it seemed as though he might like me, and I began to like him, so I took a chance and told him that I'd like to have gotten to know him better. He seemed surprised, but didn't say anything that indicated he felt the same way but he also didn't outright reject me. Then after the winter vacations I felt embarrassed that I had said that to him, so I waited to see if he'd approach and I didn't initiate. He didn't approach me until a few days into classes, but whenever I'm around he's friendly and talks to me. So he's not ignoring me, but I'm thinking that he is just trying to be nice so things aren't awkward between us? Or is there a possibility that he thinks I'm the one ignoring him because I hadn't approached him?


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  • yes its because he thinks your the one ignoring him because you hadn't approached him or make moves etc. guys are not going to show interest etc in a girl cause we know its a waste of time cause deep down guys know girls don't desire/care/love guys due to being ignored and rejected and never approached by girls, its always the girl who chooses the guy or even want a guy in the first place (based on my experiences with girls) being rejected every time I tried to ask a girl out etc. bottom line guys always desire/want/love girls, guys always have to wait till the girl does, so you tell yourself "should you just move on"? well that's up to you if you want a guy or not

  • I'd move on. It doesn't to me like he likes you so I'd try to find someone else. Maybe you guys can be friends but I'd give him some space


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