Have I messed up, seeing/dating a guy?

So I have been dating/seeing a guy for about 5 months now, things have gone very slowly but not so slow in other senses - we normally see each 2 - 3 times a week, some of those times we bump into each other as we have mutual friends, we've also been on a mini break abroad together for a few days, in the whole time we've been seeing each other things have been slightly confusing in that we've never had the talk of what we are, we don't talk much when not together (he tells me he's not a big texter and we've spoken about this, mutual friends have confirmed how useless he is with replying and keeping in touch so I've learnt to accept it) when we are together he is amazing.

Anyway he recently text me to find out if I was out at our local pub to which I replied and told him I was, he came along said he was only staying for a few, I was slightly drunk and when he went to leave I got a little bit angry and stormed off without saying goodbye to him, this annoyed him I could tell as I didn't hear a word from him after, we then saw each other again by chance in the pub, he seemed fine btu a little distant.

he's since been away with his friend, I text to wish him a good trip, no reply, he's been back a day and no contact from him - nearly a week has passed and no contact.

have I messed up by acting stroppy? I know I shouldn't have done, but I am so frustrated in how things are, we seem to be going forwards one week and he takes a step back the next.

As I've already text to wish him a good break I don't want to suffocate him by texting again but I'm missing him!

Will he come around?!


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  • Did you apologize for storming off and explain your reasons for doing so, or did you carry on ad if it didn't happen?


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