I'm confused about myself! Can anyone relate?

My friend and I were hanging out and watching a movie, and fell asleep next to each other, and during the night he kissed me, and I kissed him back. But the next day I told him it was a mistake. Then a few days later, we were a group of friends that hanged out, watched movies, and spent the night together, I purposely laid next to him, not making a move or anything, and during the night he kissed me again. After that we spent a week together, staying over at each others' places, but everything went too fast - I felt that we spend too much time together, especially when he cancelled others things to be with me. So after that week, I made plans to do other things, hanged out with a girlfriend, and during the night, while I was with my girlfriend, he texted me, told me he was partying with some friends, asked me to come meet him, said he was having fun but said he needed me, even though I had already declined, and it just became too much for me, so I ended it. But the next day I regretted it... But I was too proud to say anything. Then he and I, with some friends, were at a concert together, and I couldn't stop looking at him. The next day our group were playing a game, where him and I were put together in a challenge, where we got really close physically, and I could just feel how much I missed him! Later that night, I was just lying in bed, thinking abut him, regretting that I endded it, but knowing I would never tell him, when suddenly he texted me and asked to hang out the next day. So we watched movies together and ended up kissing again and spent the night together. But now he doesn't text me as much as before, doesn't seem interested anymore, and I'm wondering why? Could it be because I endded things with him? But why did he ask to see me again - could it be just because he's lonely? Why did he ask to see me, when I had ended things with him? Why did I end things with him, when I really wanted to be with him? I freaked out and pulled back when we were together a lot, and now he is being less available, and I'm going crazy. What's wrong with me?


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  • Love your photo

    You fear commitment. You've probably been hurt in the past, and don't want to be with anyone, until you believe you can start to be with a man

  • My guess is he's torn between being attracted to you and being afraid of getting hurt because of how much you have flip flopped on him already. Put yourself in his skin and consider how he must feel. Just sayin'. I think you need to decide what you want and then be consistent about it. Good luck.


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