Can I salvage this relationship?

I had been seeing a guy for a while and we weren't serious because he wasn't over his ex BUT he was starting to get jealous of me and other guys. it culminated when he saw me with another guy, and just the week before I thought he was starting to get a little more genuine with me (really acknowledging ME not just sex with me). He wouldn't talk about it and essentially told me I was the one who had fucked everything up. I get a drunk call and then he tells me he only called for sex, and when I ask him if he has any feelings at all for me he says "not romantically" and that "this is for the best." My phone cut out and neither of us called back. What the hell? I feel like he flipped out for no reason and now all of a sudden it's ruined.
by the way he had told me he liked me and possibly love me before.


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  • Nope. No chance.

    • and why?

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    • I am asking because his behavior doesn't make sense. he had never acted that way before to me, ever. I do have self respect and that's why I'm not talking to him right now. Are you saying this is on him?


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  • You have been putting out for a guy who would not commit to you? If you have, please stop this self destructive behavior. No you cannot salvage this. He is not worth it.

  • Never have sex with a guy until you know where you two stand. You're screwing yourself, if you don't


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