How do I get over this guy?

I think, at one point, he might have liked me as more than a friend. He even complimented me, and I recall telling him how sweet he was. I still have residual feelings from those days when we'd innocently flirt back and forth for hours. I liked him so much. Things have changed so much since then. There is a lot between us that we won't say; I think I might have lost him...

He's mean to me now. I keep trying to show him kindness and support, but he gets very defensive. I think it's because he knows I dislike him and hate being around him. I try not to make it obvious, but he can sense it somehow...The more defensive he gets, the more accusatory he is, and the more my dislike grows.

Even though I don't show it, I still like him a lot, but it hurts to like a guy like this. It's like trying to hug a cactus. I think about him a lot, and it amazes me how I get jealous when other girls are touchy-feely with him.

Please tell me how I can get over him... I hate being on this side of the fence.


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  • The truth is, almost everyone runs into this type of situation in life. There is always that someone that we can't get out of our minds and the thought of that person will remain in our memory even after we are married and living a happy life.

    That person has become a part of us that we just can't let go, and even if we find someone better, that person will always have that special place in our hearts.

    I have experienced this throughout the years. Most of the girls that I liked and had crushes on, would exit my heart and mind within months. But there have been a couple of girls over the years that I just can't stop thinking about them and even being with someone as equally attractive, I still think about them.

    The memory of them will fade with each passing year, but the best thing you can do is be positive and have faith that he was brought into your life for a reason and that you are on the path to finding the one that will knock you off your feet.

    Keep on keeping on friend!


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  • Distance, avoidance, get away. Is any of this possible? Move away, find a different job, etc. Don't see him anymore, you have a proximity problem here. Gaping holes in the story, though.


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  • If I were you I don't know if I would be trying to get over him... I would try pulling away. Maybe he knows that you like him, so he's trying to pull away a bit to see how you handle it... So my suggestion is to honestly back off and ignore him. Wait until he starts being sweet again. ;)

  • Maybe he is doing it intentionally to get a reaction out of you. Give it some time you never know he might come back.


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