Have I ruined my 2nd chance?

My ex & I broke up a few months ago when I came home for the 4mth uni break. I started arguments due to my anxiety & the distance mostly because he wasn’t talking to me. I knew it was wrong of me. It was too hard & we broke up, crying, telling each other we would be together again etc

A mnth passed & we barely spoke, I later found out that he hadn't been receiving my messages, thought I had moved on & got a new girlfriend. When they became official I rang him, I told him it was a bad idea & we talked for 2+ hrs

2 weeks passed with limited communication & then Dec 22 he said he loved me, he missed me, regretted breaking up & would want to get back together at university. We flirted via text & snapchat for about a week, life seemed perfect. He broke up with his girlfriend and started being distant

The day before NYE he said he was in a bad mood, & I got nothing NYE. I contacted him on Jan 2 asking what was going on. He said his ex had been abusing him over social media etc & causing him to get angry at everyone. He said he didn’t want to fight, or push me away so he was keeping his distance. I should have backed off, but I didn’t

Jan 4 said I missed him, he said “I miss you too xx”

Jan 11 I got anxious, he said that nothing had changed

He kept reassuring me, but I just got more anxious & insecure & kept contacting him when I should have been giving him space. I started over thinking every picture he liked, every message, every silence, it was killing me

I had recently moved towns, I don’t know anyone, I had nothing to do and even though I had never been that type of girl, he had become my whole life

Jan 14 he posted lyrics “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” from our song (sort of). I thought that this couldn’t be about me and got upset, angry & told him to stop ‘f*****g me around’. he got angry 7 told me to look up the song

Later I sent message with all my feelings & apologies. He replied with “omg I have absolutely no idea what to reply to that except <3”.

Jan 15 we got in an argument because he said I always changed my mind about stuff. After sending multiple txts I ended up calling & we had a normal, happy conversation, no lovey stuff. he didn’t txt the next day like he said

Jan 18 sent a message, again, about his silence & he was ignoring my messages. He replied “Just relax :/ please don’t continuously push the issue as this is the only thing that pisses me off! your life shouldn’t revolve around me”

I sent an apology message (9 pm), saying that I would back off, i’m not usually like this, & I would see him at uni

Someone posted on his fb “don’t let the b*****s get to you and drag you down, I got your back hun”

He deleted this as soon as he was online (10pm)

I wrote a status saying “just tell the world my problems, thanks heaps” (1pm)

He then liked my post, which never happens. I have since ceased contact (now Jan 20) & have been trying to get out there & do stuff, not let him be my life

have I completely ruined my 2nd chance?


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  • He wanted space, give it to him. This includes phone conversations, email, text and social media. Let him feel your absence. This might just have the desired effect or tell you where he really is, which he has not explained thoroughly. Long distance relationships are a pain and most fail.


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  • wow.

    can you not contact him until you guys are in the same town again? That's the best way out of this I think.


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