How to move on from a guy?

So I do like this Guy and have for years and I'm probably not going to move on anytime soon but I haven't really considered the fact that he might not feel the same or that he could potentially get a girlfriend in the future. So I was wondering if you guys have any tips of how to move on ( so that if I HAVE to I can try) I mean obviouslyif you like the Guy enough moving on isn't easy.

So any advice?


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  • Have you tried initiating something with him? If you're just sitting back waiting and hoping something will happen, it most likely won't. You like him, you make the first move. That way, you're not sitting there wondering what if all the time. What if you did make a move and you two ended up being together forever? What if you didn't make a move but he actually does like you but you never took initiative so he just moved on? Also, you can find out for sure if he likes you or not when you talk to him. If he doesn't, you can move on and not always wonder in the back of your mind about those 'what ifs'.

    As for moving on, yeah, it's NEVER easy. Heck, it's taken me SIX years to move on from a girl I used to have a huge crush on. I never made a move because of circumstances that would've made things very difficult for us. But I always held onto hope that something someday would have brought up closer together and made things possible.

    Like dude below me said, it usually takes finding someone who really completes you to move on from someone you truly care for. Your best bet is to try to preoccupy your mind and time with other stuff as to block out thoughts of him. Before you know it, you won't be thinking of him at all and you may even find someone else you fall for.

    • haha yeah I have dropped a few hints here and there but yeah I might have to be a bit more upfront.

      There is a decent age gap of 6 years (which is why I've told only one person because some people would react) BUT my parents are the same so it seems strange at the moment.until I'm older..I won't be moving on from him anytime soon as I think there is still a chance but if something bad happens I will definitely use your advice and the advice below thanks guys :)

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    • Yeah and I'm totally willing to wait until I'm older as my education comes first.

      It's hard for me to tell whether or not he would mind the age gap (as he doesn't know my feelings)but that's also another reason to wait. And I know for a fact he would never take advantage of me or anyone ..known him my whole life and he is the sweetest Guy.

    • Good to see you got your priorities straight. Kudos. :)

      The waiting game is tricky. Like you mentioned, he could fall for someone else. Or you could miss a chance to find another guy who you could be with now. I see you kinda have something to lose, and that's a good friendship with this guy. Confessing your feelings could make things awkward. I honestly think you should say something now instead of prolonging it. If he likes you the same way, the age gap won't matter at all.

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  • no your right ... moving on can be hard and the only way to truly move on is to find that special someome. It took me a few years to move on. Don't get me wrong I dated a lot of women and was not happy and always thought of her. THEN IT HAPPENED ! I did find that ONE and and its gone great now for the past 3 years !

    Moving on only takes time and the right one to fill that void !

  • If you have to move on from someone, keep your mind busy and off of them. The less you think about him, the more your emotions will fade. Everybody has heard the term, "Fight fire with fire." You can do that here too, find someone new that you can think about, and that will help you move on from him.


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