I need opinions/advice on new relationship.

So,in brief,I've been seeing a guy since December and IMO things have moved pretty fast but I need someone's unbiased point of view. We have been on one date (that went very well),had 2/3 arguments,the last resulted in him actually apologising for,he goes AWOL for a couple of days sometimes,I've met some of his family-although not formally,and he's said he loves me.Yep.The L word. Albeit in a jokey way when I'm walking out the door,but he sent a message saying 'I think love you'.

My question is do I trust this man? Am I a FWB? Am I going crazy? Am I expecting too much?

I know he talks to other girls because he's told me,I've been next to him when he has & he gets annoyed when I talk to other guys.

Sometimes he's inconsistent-which for me I value consistency in a relationship,he's the jealous type-not overly so,but as I say,its early doors. I'm over my ex,but I was in a volatile relationship that messed with my head soo...I don't know,maybe I'm being presumptuous.

Where is my head at? Ha!

What are your opinions?

P.S.Sorry for rambling lol


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  • Sounds like he's moving way too fast, and is a bit emotionally unstable. How do you date for a month and have 2-3 arguments and only one date?

  • You're trying to hard to sort out where he is, when chances are he doesn't know himself.

    Just enjoy the dating period and stop trying to over think things.

    • Pretty hard when he's giving me mixed signals

    • He's not. You're seeing signals where there are none.

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