I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and he's already talking to other women?

When I was ready to get married, by boyfriend said he wanted to take his time and not rush into anything., but he did want to spend the rest of his life with me, he just wanted us to get our careers together first.

I got sick of the long distance and the fighting all the time. So I wanted to break up.

He told me that I couldn't do long distance because I was insecure, and that I need to try harder.

Suddenly, he wanted to marry me, and I didn't want that anymore. I wanted to be friends like we used to be, and have fun. He wouldn't accept that. It was either a lifetime of him, or nothing at all.

A mutual friend suggested that we take a week long break of no contact. I agreed. I found out today that last night a couple of hours after our break up he was trying to talk to a girl he knew and getting her phone number..

What the hell? Did he ever even really care about me?


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  • Guys move on faster than girls.

    And we especially move on faster when we know that if we do it really fast, it hurts the ex and causes her to question the whole relationship. Just like you're doing now.

    • So, he might be doing it get hurt me?

    • He might. Or he might simply see that as a positive side effect of moving on.

    • Okay, thank you.

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  • Never expect someone to act rationally within the first days of a break-up.

    Except if the person had decided to break-up for a long time already, or was a manipulator.

  • He was likely cheating on you the whole time. But he told you it was marriage or nothing. You didn't want marriage so you got nothing.

  • It just sounds like he was mentally checked out of the relationship before you guys even broke up.

  • There's a couple of possibilities here:

    1. He's trying to get over you by talking to other girls

    2. He was cheating the whole time

    3. He already liked this girl before but because he was with you he couldn't do anything. Now that you're out the picture he's making his move.

  • Moral of the story - if you care about him talking to other girls, don't break up with him. Your friend is an idiot for suggesting a "break" by the way, and you must be just as thick for listening.


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