Is moving and dropping everything a valid option for those wanting to restart life?

So I've never been the luckiest person in life.

Ever since I've started college my life has been progressively getting worse.

I've always struggled to pay for it since I receive no financial aid and my parents have so many bills.

Freshman year my grades dropped

Then I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety by a school psychologist

She managed to save me from being kicked out

I picked up my grades but my cumulative was still horrible from first semester

End of first semester 2nd year of college "I'm now on academic drop for my cumulative"

Back up plan was to enroll in a CC and transfer back but today I just got fired for reason I'm not even sure if I'm responsible for so now I have no job

No money to pay rent or my tution

No reason to be in this college town I mean I have a new life here

New friends

New reputation

New guys so I guess it'd be sad to just get up and leave all of that behind

But some of my new friends have given me new bad habits like drinking alcohol to the point where I need medical attention and giving drugs

Always wanting to party even when I say I'm busy I have work I really need to study or spend time alone.

So now I can either try to find another job within a few weeks

Stay in college town

Go to CC

Transfer back after a year

Go back home

Go to CC

Transfer back

Or just leave state

Do everything there and maybe come back

My parents aren't aware of anything that occurred since freshman year so I'd have to spill everything plus I feel like I would just sit home and so Nothing if I went back

I'm still stuck with my lease here so it might be a good idea to just find another job but I'd still be stuck in my little bubble of bad habits

Which is why moving away with other family members seems like a good option and just coming back after 1yr once I've gotten myself together but then I wouldn't have friends anymore

That might take a serious toll on me mentally so I don't know what to do

Any advice?


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  • You'll need to face your problems rather than run away from them. There's no shame in leaning on family when things are rough, make your parents aware of your situation. Hopefully they will be able to scrape together enough to solve your more immediate problems such as rent. Stop drinking for a while and find things to do with your new friends that don't revolve around alcohol. Living the party life takes an immense toll that you only become aware of afterwards.

    • Yes, living the party life is exhausting

      On the bright side taking a semester away from school will give me time to work off some of my debt

      Still haven't found away to tell my parents though.

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