I've acted insane during this break up, how do I apologize?

We were together for almost a year, and he ditched me the second day he got to college, through text.

We had broken up two months before for three weeks, and he begged me to come back. He had insulted me, called me a selfish bitch with no real friends. He said I couldn't see his depression and I never cared about him. I took him back because I was trying to stop the hurt. Two weeks later, I tried to dump him and he wouldn't let me. Then, he made me fall in love with him again. He brought me flowers and took me out to lunch, but he never came through and took me ice skating like I begged him to ninety times.

Anyways, I went a little crazy when he dumped me. I accused him of never loving me, but trying to make the last break up up to me because he felt guilty for being an a**. He asked me if there was something wrong with what he did, and I took it as him admitting it and got pissed. Then I called him an a**hole, and then I told him I wanted to be friends. This went back and forth for almost a week and I stopped.

When he dumped me that night, he offered to meet up and finalize our break up this summer, but I was flipping out and telling him he never loved me. Last week I texted him again, saying I just wanted to be friends or talk to him, because I was afraid of not seeing him for twenty years without a proper goodbye. He agreed to meet up next month when I'm on campus.

Basically, what can I say to smooth this over? I got so upset because I was too open with him the night he dumped me, I told him I was having suicidal thoughts. I told him about my addiction the week before. I truly made myself vulnerable and fell in love with him again.

Also, he has a new girlfriend, they were official ten days after we broke up.


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  • Well, either he didn't give a damn about your relationship or he's "trying to move on."

    If he called you all those things, why would you want to make him feel better. If anything h should be the one, making you feel better after he called you all those names.

    you can't really say anything to smooth this over, you guys had a un-proper break up that started with him texting you, and breaking up.

    And you don'f fall in love with someone... "again". You never stop loving them. It's the feeling that comes back after the person makes up feel happy, with bringing back old memories.


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  • College,new girlfriend, time to say goodbye. There are too many obstacles, and you'll just cause yourself more pain if you vainly try to salvage this relationship.

    You have the whole world to explore, and now you are free to explore it! Do't feel bad for acting crazy, that's nomal at this stage.


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  • Oh dear, that sounds messy. First you shld get dressed up go out with your girlfriends and have great night try to get some guys phone numbers and some fb pics too while your at it. I also did this one time when my boyfriend left me for another girl. You write him a apology letter saying I'm sorry for my behavious andthe way I treated you.

    Then tell him your happy and something good that's happened to you and your heaps happy bout the future but don't give details. Then say I'm happy that you have found someone else and she treats you good. And end the letter with if you ever need a friendly ear ill always be here for you as a friend. Then you have apologised he thinks you fine and already ova him and he wil be wandering wot exciting news you have to tell. It works trust me. I had simmilar problem and now with the same guy 8yrs gone. Then most important go no contact except those fb pics will make him see heis missing u!


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