Should I try and talk to him or should I just. .. move on?

There's this guy that I've been infatuated with for about a year now and the couple times I've talked to him he would never make eye contact with me until I walk away. When I see him in the halls he looks at me from far distance and the moment we're about to pass each other he looks at the ground or straight ahead (sometimes he'll look but he quickly breaks eye contact). We have lunch and a class together. He sits a couple tables away from me and one day my best friend was like "I don't know why he just won't talk to you. Its weird how he just stares at you everyday". In the class we have together he sits across the room and I can see him from my peripheral on the left side. And when we're not working I feel him staring at me but every time I turn and look at him he looks away.

Additional information lol

. He's been doing this since last school year

. I overheard him telling his friend that he really wants to talk to some girl (which I think is me since I was walking past then) which was like a couple months ago. -.-

Idk. Sorry for all my little shenanigans.

I didn't really know how to word this.


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  • If you're that infatuated with him by all means talk to him! No need to wait for him to talk first or make eye contact when he's close to you, or for any other reason. Learn to always go after what you want as long as it something good. Don't wait for the other person to act first or make the first move or until someone else gets involved before you do. That may be what it's going to take for him to realize you like him as much as he likes you. He could be shy when it comes to talking first with a girl he really likes. But once the ice is broken you may find he's not as shy as you thought he was. So at your first next good opportunity, just stop him and ask him something, or run into him "accidentally" and then be like sorry and then just have a few things you'd like to talk about and start talking making sure there's some questions in there. I think he really likes you land doesn't know how to really approach you in the right way. So your doing that will take care of that. Once you do you'll wonder why you waited so long. Good luck! :).


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  • Lol he's just like meh, I would stare at a girl the moment she isn't looking and when she look my way I quickly switch attention lol xD most girls ik use that tactic to stalk meh too so ik all this stuffs very well. He just shy like meh, sumone has to make a move and if your brave enough, than you shud initiated.


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