She broke up with me so should I expect her to text me if she would want to work things out?

Long story short me and my girlfriend dated for almost 3 years. this was each others first major relationship. I'm currently 21 and she is 19. She told me about 2 months ago that she wasn't feeling the same about our relationship as what she had at the start, I asked her if there was anything I did wrong or If the was something that I hadn't done that she wanted me to. She said there wasn't anything specifically that I had done wrong she just wan't feeling it anymore. So we talked and she Said she was willing to work on it still, but 2 months later she ended up breaking up with me because she said her feelings hadn't changed. We ended on good terms, I told her that I wished her the best and told her I was happy for all the good times we had. Its been about 3 weeks since we've broke up and I still miss her like crazy. I haven't communicated with her at all since we broke up and she hasn't tried to communicate with me either. I know I shouldn't do this but I check her Facebook every once in a while and I've seen that she's posted a bunch of sad song lyrics about breakups and missing exs and stuff like that. So I'm assuming she's missing me but I don't know I just might be reading to much into it. So the question is should I text her or try to contact her in some way? part of me is saying no! it should be on her to contact be because she is the one that ended it and there's no point in me trying to talk to her if she doesn't want me. but then on the other hand I'm thinking that I really don't have much to lose by texting her so I might as well give her a try. If I would text her I was thinking I would wait a week or two more so I could give myself and her more time to think and then I would send a text somewhere along the lines of "Hey! would you want to meet up for lunch or dinner today so we could just hang out and talk for a bit" that way even if she turns me down or doesn't text me back I could maintain my dignity cause its not like I would be begging her to take me back


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  • I think your plan isn't too bad. I just don't think you should be waiting for her.

    Also..if you do do this..don't have any expectations..


    If she brings up that she has found someone else..don't be too crushed or too surprised..

    I know it hurts, but everyone has to move on sometime.

    But like I said, waiting two more weeks doesn't sound like a bad idea.. just make sure you tell yourself you guys are meeting as just friends. Just because you guys are meeting for lunch or dinner doesn't mean you guys are dating again.

    Don't you DARE even mention getting back to dating or even holding her hand! That may just ruin everything.

    If you guys go out to lunch or dinner... make it as if you guys are starting over...AS FRIENDS...then see where it goes from there. And don't rush into anything!

    • thanks for your advice! yeah I'm definitely gonna wait 2 or 3 more weeks before I even consider contacting her because I want to make sure I've had plenty of time to think and that I have the right mind set so that I won't be too upset if it doesn't work out. also I figure this will give her time to think as well, and who knows after 3 weeks I might decided its not worth it to try to meet up with her anyways

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  • Hmmm, this is definitely a tough one. Normally I would say don't talk to her, but her posting sad things about break ups is misleading. I do think that if she misses you then she should be the one to reach out, but its possible that she's embarrassed, or still confused about her feelings, or she misses being with someone but doesn't necessarily miss you.

    If you do want to contact her, you should leave it open. Let her know that you could just meet up as friends, no pressure for getting back together. Or say something like you noticed she's been posting sad things and if she wants to talk about it all she has to do is reach out - that way she onbly has to respond if she wants to.

    Good luck!


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